Thursday, March 31, 2011


I got an award from widya. This blog was listed as no. 1 in the award entry. As an award thingy (or maybe this is a tradition or something?) I have to give this award to 8 people and their respective blogs and they should do well...

1. Give a sign of graditude.
2. Introduce a bit about yourself.
3. Pass the award to 8 people.
4. Tell them too~!

Wow, since I've already said thanks, I should introduce myself. I'm Lala Stellune (not real name). I'm the creator of this blog. As you see, I'm pretty good at drawing myself. I get obsessed with cute things or moe. I think that was part of the reason I've made this blog.

Now for the eight people:

1. Umu Unciek Site
2. Aoi.sMiracle
3. Ah...

Okay, since I don't know any more award-less blogs and most of my friends' blogs are closed, I'll just give a chance to 6 people who gives a comment to my fanart. Then I'll list their blog here, OK? OK then!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

India Inspired

M in a pretty sari-like dress, showing his grace. He wears a sari as a shout out that the character he's based on is from India. Note that he's not a transexual either, since we don't actually know what M's gender is.

The tablet I used here is different from the other M drawings. This time I've used a Hanvon tablet, which doesn't have the pressure feature that time.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don't Know What to Call This

Yeah, M is looking rather... feminine.

Anyway, I'm gonna use this picture for my banners.

A Good Night's Sleep

Sleep is very necessary for us. If we don't get enough sleep, we will get stressed out, or even die. So enjoy your night's sleep (or day's sleep for night-shifters) by putting our heads on the comfiest pillows and close your eyes and wait for those fantastical dreams to come.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It's so cool that I was given a task from my Arts teacher to do glass painting. Awesome! I was given a framed glass, a brush, and four colors of paint: blue, yellow, red, and black. I wonder why there's no white color? Anyway, I decided to paint M on the glass.

Back of the glass painting:

Which turns out to be...

Some close up for you guys who are curious:

Isn't it pretty? Well, I think it would be better if there's some white paint. Seriously.

Thanks to my mom who let me borrow the digital camera to shoot this piece of artwork. I'm not sure if the Arts teacher will give the painting back once I've submitted the painting to him.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Mafia

The mafia are like the high-class version of gangsters. They are very mean and are a big threat in real-life, but in fiction, they are really badass.

Good thing M's actually sucking a lollipop, since smoking is BAD.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Character Issues

Greetings! It's Lala here. I think I've been crazy about this blog, which is shown by the many blogs I've posted by one day. I hope this is my last one for today. I'm gonna tell you about M's origin.

M is based on someone, you know. He's actually based on Maruti, the main protagonist of Return of Hanuman, an animated film where Hanuman reincarnates into a little boy named "Maruti". I find the character very cute, and eventually got obsessed with him. His "cuteness", I guess.

Being fond of Maruti's cuteness, I started to draw Maruti in many kind of clothes to strengthen the definition of "cute" from him. You know, fanart.

Then, when I was draw "XPress Your Music", my sister suggested that I shouldn't draw the forehead marking (tilaka) on him because it would make him look more normal. I agreed since I think if he looks more normal, the drawing would be more understandable by anyone who haven't recognized Maruti. Thus the new character named "M" is created along with this blog.

Though I'm still confused. Wouldn't this be stealing a character or design? Should I call all of my artworks here fanart? If it's fanart, why would it be fanart if it's not Maruti without his forehead marking? Is his forehead marking erasable? Is it alright if I crossdress Maruti, the supposed reincarnation of Hanuman according to the movie? If not, I'll make him into a new character. But will it be alright?

Maybe I should put a poll.

Well, enjoy this video I've submitted to YouTube:

Waiting for Something

Waiting is quite boring. Even having a glass of grape juice wouldn't make the patience last long. *sigh* When will the waiting be done?

XPress Your Music

This is the proof that I am not wrong about the purpose of this site.

Music exists every time and every where. Music could also influences people's feelings. It could make you happy, sad, angry, astonished, and many other feelings. Not only feelings, but the way you think. Hyper music makes you move all and about, while soothing music makes you wanna sit down and relax.

For singers and producers, music is a media to express your feelings. Dancing is a media to express your feelings towards the music... I think.

What is this site about?

This site... is about a model. Drawings, at least. I'll draw the model in any kind of clothes I think of, any kind of pose I think of, and any kind of theme I think of.

I want to be a professional artist when I grow up, so I'll post some art here. Then you could give me any comments regarding of my drawings. In that case I'll learn how to be a better artist.

Just think of this site as a fashion magazine, except that I ain't good at fashion. My sister is. *smile* Though I get easily fond by illustrations of characters drawn by artists over the world. Wearing neat clothes, of course!

So enjoy my blog and be aware of all of my posts.