Saturday, March 5, 2011

Character Issues

Greetings! It's Lala here. I think I've been crazy about this blog, which is shown by the many blogs I've posted by one day. I hope this is my last one for today. I'm gonna tell you about M's origin.

M is based on someone, you know. He's actually based on Maruti, the main protagonist of Return of Hanuman, an animated film where Hanuman reincarnates into a little boy named "Maruti". I find the character very cute, and eventually got obsessed with him. His "cuteness", I guess.

Being fond of Maruti's cuteness, I started to draw Maruti in many kind of clothes to strengthen the definition of "cute" from him. You know, fanart.

Then, when I was draw "XPress Your Music", my sister suggested that I shouldn't draw the forehead marking (tilaka) on him because it would make him look more normal. I agreed since I think if he looks more normal, the drawing would be more understandable by anyone who haven't recognized Maruti. Thus the new character named "M" is created along with this blog.

Though I'm still confused. Wouldn't this be stealing a character or design? Should I call all of my artworks here fanart? If it's fanart, why would it be fanart if it's not Maruti without his forehead marking? Is his forehead marking erasable? Is it alright if I crossdress Maruti, the supposed reincarnation of Hanuman according to the movie? If not, I'll make him into a new character. But will it be alright?

Maybe I should put a poll.

Well, enjoy this video I've submitted to YouTube:

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