Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stories with Pictures

I've told you before that I want to make a manga, right? Well, so people are actually interested in the story and stuff, starting from June (Summer in Northern Hemisphere), I'll write stories of M and Helen's adventure along with pictures. I may either update it weekly, probably every Saturday. Just pray so it happens.

-Lala Stellune

Snow Discovery

M is enjoying winter here. Was it his first time?

This randomly went into my mind yesterday while I was doodling, then I thought that I should draw it and put it on the site. Then I was thinking, "Isn't it supposed to be summer soon? Why am I drawing a winter-themed picture?" Then I was remembered that it's summer in the northern hemisphere while it's winter in the southern hemisphere. That includes India.

The place where I live will never get snow, though. TT _ TT