Friday, June 24, 2011

Part 1: First Meeting

A girl, a teenager with blond hair just walked out of the supermarket with all the ingredients her father needs for a birthday cake that has to be delivered to the mother of the birthday boy tomorrow. Helen is definitely tired, but her father will be even more tired. Oh well, at least she could enjoy the lights of the advanced city of Tremor, Salemina. It was also calm and relaxing because it wasn't that crowded at night.

Though the uncrowded streets gave an advantage to someone ought to do something bad to her. He followed her and discovered that a girl buying so many things is a sign of a rich girl. "That girl's mine." the mischevious kid whispered to himself. He waited for a chance where no one is looking and would call the authority figures when he's got his hands on her.

After he finally got the chance, he began to run into her. The audible foot steps were captured by Helen's ears as she stopped and looked back. When she turned her head, there was nothing behind her except for the sidewalk she was walking on. She became confused and continued to walk. A few steps later she heard the foot steps again, this time it's slightly softer but faster. As she looked back again she saw a fast figure in a black leather jacket and blue jeans, and his pose tells her that he is trying to grab her. She was indeed surprised and the kid thought that he'll definitely get that week girl... until some mysterious force blasted from her which knocked him down, hard.

The unharmed girl then went closer to the kid, checking if he's alright. When she examined the kid, she had found out that the kid had such a cute face. Long eyelashes, flushed red cheeks, smoothe silky hair, they all made Helen squeed with awe. She stayed there looking at the adorable face. Helen even fell for him even more once she saw the kid's two big teal eyes opening right before her. As she became "hypnotised" by the cuteness the kid grabbed her arm.

"Gotcha." said the kid.

Helen was doomed. She didn't know what the kid will do to her. What will he do anyway? Apparently we won't know, because right before he could do anything he suddenly became posessed by a ghost, and a nice one. Apparently the ghost is one of Helen's special friends. "Are you alright?" the posessed kid asked. "Yes." Helen answered. "Thanks for helping." the posessed kid did a thumbs up gesture and told, "No problem! I'll always be there to help you. Now excuse me while I dump this body to the-"

"NO!" Helen interrupted. "I can't let the kid die! He looks more like a good guy than a bad guy." The posessed kid frowned. "OK. But whenever the kid is threatening, call me! Seriously, it's not a big deal for me posessing this kid since there's practically no soul preventing me to do it, OK?" The ghost left the kid's body, leaving the kid to be in his concious mind again. This time, his eyes widened with fear. "You're scaring me!" the boy screeched. "No, it's OK!" Helen reacted. "What do you want?" the kid asked. "I want to know if you're good or bad." Helen replied.

"I don't know." the kid said. "I only work for a group that would give me food and shelter." "How do you work?" Helen asked again. "It's none of your buisness!" the kid yelled. "Listen, I don't think you're bad." Helen explained. "I think you're just forced by the group to do bad things." "Who said I'm doing bad?" the kid said. "I only snatch money and beat up anyone who tries to harm my group."

"And is that good?" Helen asked.

There was a grand pause during the moment. After the pause, the kid uttered, "...I don't know. I'm confused which is wrong and which is right. Some people say that stealing is bad, while my group members say that stealing is good." Amused with how innocent the kid is, Helen slightly smiled. "I know what's good." She gave one of her shopping bags to him. "Could you help me bring these groceries home? Just follow me." The kid accepted one of the bags, asking "Aren't you worried that I would steal these groceries?" Helen answered, "Like I said, I don't think you're bad. And if you're going to do that, I'll just summon one of my friends to posess you." The kid was frightened by what Helen said. Helen's got some good powers. "So stealing's bad?" the kid asked. "That's what I think." Helen answered. "What happened when someone took away something you have without permission?" The kid's thought was among the lines of "she's got a point" that time.

"Anyway, what's your name?" Helen asked. "Mine's Helen." The kid answered, "They call me 'M'."

And that was the first meeting between the two children who had amazing abilities.

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