People Involved

Other Names: Model, Maruti (named after M's inspiration), Maru-chan (pet name after "Maruti")
Age: Varies, from 10 to 16
Gender: Androgyne (Unknown)
Info: M is character made by Lala Luna Stella as a model to pose for her made-up clothes and to represent her expressions. He (since "he" could be used for a boy and a girl) could either be a broad but calm gentleman to a flat-chested happy-go-lucky girl.

For the story of how he is created, see Character Issues.

Lala Luna Stella
Other Names: Kuzlalala
Age: Current year minus 1996
Gender: Female
Info: Lala created M because M looks cute enough for her to be dressed in any kind of clothing. She loves looking at cute girls in clothings, but not as much as drawing them.

Lala has a deviantART page here as Kuzalala.